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Gowns - The Hollows EP

Feelings of reminiscence and absence are at play throughout this record as Gowns has been able to portray these messages through bright sounding melodies reminding you of the "good times." They place these melodies in direct contrast, emotionally, by using them to discuss darker themes of absence.


In attempts at visually portraying these messages, Dillon Bauman photographed the band underneath a highly decorative chandelier, leaving one chair empty. This vacant chair directly references the ideas of absence in the record, while the bright-feeling ornate chandelier abstractly represents the light-hearted melodies. This chandelier is then repeated on the back of the sleeve, cropped to show detail, revealing a burnt-out light. Speaking abstractly, the lights work very harmoniously, while the burnt-out light breaks this harmony as an allusion to the messages portrayed in the lyrical content of this record.

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